People ask us questions over Facebook…

And we suggest you stop doing that in case you actually want an answer from us. Why? Simply becoz we don’t really use Facebook. The updates we do here at the site automatically goes up there, but none of us are actually “working” with Facebook’s TPH account. If you wanna ask us something (like how to get t-shirts, how to donate and get the new album, etc…), just drop us an e-mail at or visit us at our forums where we are always around. If you wanna interact with any of the members of the band over that Facebook service -  Jörgen, Ruby and Tobben’s got it. K does not. We gladly interact with you Haters, so feel free to enter the forums and be a part of that instead of asking questions you’ll most-likely never get answers to on Facebook. Or just shoot us an e-mail, as mentioned.

Update about the recording of the new album will come as soon as there’s something new to report.

Posted by The Hate, August 28th, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.