Surround me angels, surround me whores
Things might not be as they are shown
A world in flames and heaven’s torn
The serpent’s resurrected, but not for long

Feel the flames as I feed you with fire
Nothing is real except my burning empire
Make love to the demons
Mix their blood with their semen
And leave behind you the liar
You’re the one who feed us with lies

Take my hand and walk with me
I’m insane and Christ my insanity
Serpent minds breed serpent thoughts
Would you care to bleed and see

Enter my realm where pleasure is pain
Explore my kingdom of sin
Stand in the glare of a heaven in flames
Burn the angels, burn the angels

Hellucination – lead the blind to salvation
Termination – of gods ludicrous creation

Slay the redeemer, shed his blood blasphemer
Be opposed to holy believes
Reborn in fire, be a son of flames
Purify yourself from fleas

So I burn the hearts of angels
To finally make myself purified

As I create the dead skin of angels and dress up in hollow hope
I can sense the lies of perished memories of the whores I once called home

Lie beside me in my garden of roses as the angels fade away
Your soul will unite with the eternal eclipse but your scars will remain the same