There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched

There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched

About the recording

With this album I (K) felt the urge to go somewhere else, to places I hadn’t been before with TPH… to explore unknown areas and crush all boundaries without straying away from what this entity is, without losing the core of this beast. I wanted to step it up on exactly every level imaginable. My playing, my composing, the details… everything.

Change was needed and change was implemented so I could further enhance my vision of TPH and what this behemoth is capable of doing. On “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” I have done exactly that. And more. Much, much more. I couldn’t have conquered this task by myself, though. I would never have been able to create “TINEIWLU” over 2 years without each and every person on this recording, who are presented below:

Guitars, bass, keyboards, programming and serpents recorded in The Dungeon by Lord K. Philipson, Östansjö, Sweden, 2013/2014.

Jörgen Sandström’s vocals recorded at A.R.T Studios by Jonas Ã…hlén in Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.

Ellinor Asp’s vocals recorded at SisterNation Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.

Drums recorded by Dirk Verbeuren at Die Crawling Studio, Los Angeles, 2014.

Erik Rundqvist’s vocals recorded by Mats Lindström at Big Balls Productions Karlstad, Sweden, 2014.

Lawrence Mackrory’s vocals recorded at Studio Maskinrummet, Uppsala, Sweden, 2014.

Richard Sjunnesson’s vocals recorded by Mikael Sällström at Sällström Audio, Halmstad, Sweden, 2014.

Ross Dolan’s vocals recorded by Paul Orofino at Millbrook Sound Studio, NY, USA, 2014.

Lasse Johansson’s solos recorded by Lord K Philipson in The Dungeon, Östansjö, Sweden, 2014.

Henrik Danhage’s solos recorded by Jonas Ekdahl at Gung Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014.

Mike Wead’s solo recorded at Solnasound Studio, Solna, Sweden, 2014.

All electronic parts recorded and mixed by Lord K. Philipson in The Dungeon, Östansjö, Sweden, 2013/2014.

Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Oedt, Germany, 2014.

Produced by Lord K. Philipson.

“THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” is not only a monumental behemoth of an album – it is absolute perfection.

About the title

The actual album got its title quite late into the process. Usually that part is decided much earlier. But now, for a long, long time while I was composing the songs, I had no ideas as for what to call it. Naming the tunes was never a problem, and I knew that the actual album title would come to me when the time was right. I wanted something that explains how I feel about TPH and what this thing is set out to do. It’s, without a doubt, the strongest title we have ever had up to this point, and it is a huge statement:

Burn it all. Build it up. Burn it down again. Destroy absolutely everything and let “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” be the soundtrack to this glorious event.

About the cover

Again, the magnificent Marko Saarelainen creates a brilliant masterpiece. And he is more capable of explaining his thoughts around the art than I am, so here’s Marko:

“The cover: I had a rough sketch “stashed” on my hard drive which I knew had potential for the cover of the next TPH masterpiece and it also fit the early guidelines/wishes I got from K considering the artwork for the new album. So, on the early sketch there were few bits and pieces which I wasn’t sure what to do with and the whole work just, well, stood still… When K finally asked if I’d made any progress with the cover art I decided to send him the sketch for commenting. And that definitely was the wisest thing to do in order to get things rolling. K replied nearly immediately and pointed out the things he thought needed correction and gave a couple of extra pointers as well. That was the point when the mental lock in my mind opened and I saw the whole thing immediately in a new light. Hell, I actually saw the whole thing in my head as it should look like when it’d be finished. So I begun working. The result, well, at this very moment I feel like it’s definitely my strongest work with TPH so far.”

”I fucken love working with K, he’s always honest and he’s not afraid to state, without sugarcoating, his opinions. And believe it or not, he’s mostly right. Always, as he’d say, hahaha.”

“The booklet in general: sometimes I create unique artwork for each page or at least each fold/spread in the booklet. And sometimes I “just” go with the flow and use sections of the actual cover artwork and modify ‘em to suite the general feel of the whole. Depending on the feeling and time table. This time I had plenty of time and I even had an idea to go with the illustrations. For some reason I’ve always liked the artwork I made for TPH’s 2007 album, “In Hora Mortis Nostrae”. Maybe it’s the general feeling of it, but since then I’ve felt the need to go back to it and enhance it, make it even better. So I held that thought when I begun working with the interior illustrations. Naturally going thru the lyrics, song titles and listening to the early demos for this album, they all added to it. There’s illustrations of monsters, faceless priest, churches and dark alleys, that sort of stuff which should support or even enhance the feeling you’d get while going thru the lyrics while listening to the actual album.”