Update on everything!

666I have been spending the last couple of days listening to the magnificent Dirk Verbeuren’s drums for the coming album. To put it mildly, I am blown away – more than I can explain. What this guy is doing with them drums is just bordering on insanity. I have no idea how many times I have rewinded just to check something thinking “he couldn’t possibly have done THAT?!”, just to see that he did exactly that.

Spectacular on all accounts.

Compared to my programmings, quite a few things have changed and been improved by Dirk. As a drummer, he obviously comes up with ideas for them drums that I wouldn’t have thought of since I haven’t exactly been playing drums for the better part of the last 20 years or so. This guy is more than just your average drummer, he is a MUSICIAN (I put that in capitals to really get the point through) to the core.

During the coming weeks there will be a few small changes/touch up’s according to my wishes (I know, I’m picky as all kinds of shit) and then Dirk’s work is muthafucken completed in full. As soon as J’s last song comes in I’m off to start mixing this beast with the great Dan Swanö. We have already started discussing the approach to everything, what kind of sound I am looking for and whatnot, so this will be an amazing journey until we are done. I can’t wait to hear the final result in a few months.

Release date? If all goes according to plan you will naturally have it on December 25th since releasing this storm of blasphemy on that date makes perfect sense. I am not promising anything though coz you never know if shit hits the fan/computer crashes/the universe explodes – but at least this is the plan I always had.

If you wanna hear this album when it’s completed and haven’t already made your donation, all you need to do is click this link and check out the information as for how to order the coming masterpiece.

I know you’re eager to see the cover for this apocalyptic symphony as well as finding out what the actual title is.

That day will come, but not now.

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