Album update.

We have started to look into the plans for vocals and such as well now and it seems like J will start doing his stuff in August and Ruby will first finish up her pre-productions for me before starting do do her real takes for the album. If everything goes as planned, drums are also to be put down this fall Рin September, meaning we can hopefully deliver this absolute bastard of an album to Swan̦ in October or something.

I will also visit Tobben and we’ll go thru everything before he tracks the drums, just to see if there’s anything I wanna change (remember Tobben’s got absolutely no boundaries as for what he’s allowed to do with this recording – he got guidelines though) or whatever. He will most probably bring on a lot of different drums and cymbals to really be able to go crazy when needed. That’s what Tobben does – that’s why he’s made out of the purest of gold.

I’m sitting here listening to the songs in the planned order they should end up on the album and it sounds amazing. This really is on another level when it comes to TPH.

And you know I am right about this. You should trust me by now, haha…

Posted by Lord K Philipson, June 12th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.