All digipaks sent out today!



All digipak orders have been sent out as of today, Friday the 18th of September! It only took 2 full evenings to write custom notes, put addresses on everything, insert cd’s into the parcels and get all of those goddamn stamps on said parcels. Holy shit this rockstar life is haaaaard, I tells ya.

So, as said; everything is sent out and hopefully the postal service will get your stuff to you in a safe manner. Keep in mind that due to the Covid-19 shit there might be minor or major delays in the deliveries, depending on where you live. Even though I am King I can do fuck-all about this. Please let me know at when your package arrive. And pleeeeease let me know if I somehow messed up your order. After all, believe it or not… I am actually human, damnit!

Thanx a hella lot to all of you who ordered a digipak. You people are so awesome.

Getting rid of the remaining discs of this limited edition is now a priority. There’s a bunch left unfortunately, so spread the word if you feel like it. Even though this link is about pre-ordering, just jump to the ordering details to claim one of the remaining copies and I’ll send it asap after getting your order. As long as I don’t say otherwise there are copies available. I’ll let you know when there’s less than 10 left. Again, thanx for the support. It is mindblowing.


Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 18th, 2020 | Filed in Artwork, News, The Project Hate.