And Damnation is forced upon the weak

The reason that we have decided to share this tune with you is simple. We managed to keep the album from leaking until the releasedate, and even a few days more… We definitely made history by doing this. Congrats to us. And now, when we are starting to send out promos – the album will be leaked any given day… That’s why we want you guys to hear a full tune, for the first time, coming from us – becoz we have chosen to give it out to the Haters, not becoz of some magazine ripping it and sharing it. This feels great. It’s nice to dominate.

Another reason to share this tune is becoz you already heard a bit of it and we thought it’d be fun for you to hear it in its entirety. Quite some difference between the versions, huh?

We know you’ll dig this. Enjoy.

Click me for Domination!

Posted by The Hate, September 18th, 2007 | Filed in News.