And now the solos are starting to come in…

After Mike Wead told me he just wouldn’t have the time to play on the coming album, though he really really wanted to, you know it took us a few hours or so to bring in some other friends for this task. Well, my old band colleague (we used to play together in Sweden’s thrashers Rosicrucian some hundred years ago) and personal guitar hero Magnus Söderman gladly stepped up to the plate and wanted to help us out. That’s what friends do. You might recognize his name becoz he also put down some killer solos on “Bleeding the new apocalypse”. Well, he’s done it again. I got his first 2 solos in yesterday and he absolutely fucken kills it! This guy plays with so much passion and dedication it’s not even sane. It was a no-brainer to ask him and I am so thankful he once again wants to participate and make this coming album what it’s supposed to be. A grand display of carnage.

But he’s not the only one doing solos on this beast; you already know Lasse Johansson of Candlemass will dish out some majestic work and there’s this third hero helping us out as well and he’s actually taking care of the majority of leads. His name will be revealed later. But now you know we’re advancing as planned. J and Ruby were supposed to lay down some vocals last week but it didn’t work out so they are aiming to do so this coming week. They are soon wrapping up their stuff as well, which is awesome. Dirk is out doing drum clinics and will put the final touches on his parts while being on the road.

I have told you that I’ve been working meticulously with the songs over the last weeks and I seriously believe I have come to the point where I am finished now. So much as to the point of me actually re-programming my demoed drums to make my demos match the parts Dirk’s changed and improved. Completely unnecessary, and completely awesome. Some small details might/will change up until mixing, but it feels pretty much complete now on my part. The amount of details is something you’ll have a blast discovering with your next one million listens, coz thats what you’ll need to spot them all. You’ll see.

I haven’t started to work on any more videos simply becoz I have concentrated on the album instead, but I am sure I will fire something up as we go along coz I have tons of stuff to use for it. We’ll see when it happens though. Anyways, you wanna hear this album when it’s completed? Then click this link to learn how to be able to do so. Also, don’t forget to follow the revealing of the album’s title as well as the song titles. And yeah, come interact with us over at our forums.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move forwards.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, October 7th, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.