Annihilation – part IV…

That was that. The fourth track is now complete with orchestrations and whatnot. I’ll spend the next couple of days to go thru it closely (meaning the AKG headphones will come to use, as well as the iPod and my brand new shit expensive Denon in-ears) and see if anything needs to be re-worked though. It’s always easy to let go off a tune the moment you feel “finished” with it, but with TPH there are so many details that have to click to really get there – that’s why I always spend some time with what’s at hand completion-wise, before sending it to the other guys to hear. This time is no different.  Sometimes I do send it to the other guys too soon though as I discover things I wanna change. I am sure it will happen this time as well, haha… And as I suspected, this is definitely the opening track now.

I re-played a few bass parts today for this latest track since there were some slide sounds (you know, when you go from one note to another)  that annoyed me, so that’s now taken care of. The guitars sound ace and I need not do anything else with those (except for adding a thing or two as we go along perhaps, haha). So, that’s 4 tunes down for the next album and now I’ll move on to the stuff I started yesterday, coz I really have the ideas down for that one. After this piece e is done I will continue with some other stuff I already started, so as you can see – the inspiration is fucken endless.

I wish you could hear this material and be absolutely blown away, but you’ll have to wait quite some time. You know it will be worth it. Oh, and you haven’t forgotten to buy a shirt, huh? Just buy it. Not too many of them left. All info you need can be found here.


Posted by Lord K Philipson, August 28th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.