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Some Haters are asking about the production on the coming album so I decided to post a few thoughts from me, directly taken from our forums. Will the album sound like “AME”. Will it sound like “HDCE”? Or even “Lustrate”? Nope, it won’t. This is what I have been saying over at the forums in case you give a shit about these things. About an eventual “Armageddon March Eternal” production:

“Not even close. That was like 5 years ago, things are on another level nowadays. This new one has the most vicious production we’ve ever had. Easily. I could kill to have had this one on all of our past albums. I’d also kill to have the same people on all of them as on this one. Ruby and Tobben’s made TPH what it was always supposed to be, obviously. I seriously hope I will never work with anyone else at those spots in the band. I take a huge bow to them. Not to mention J… That fucken guy is not human.

In many, many ways this feels like the album I have wanted to create since day one. I have felt that in the past as well, ofcourse – but this is different. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all of the stuff we have released, you know this, but the coming one is just something else. Practice makes perfect. It’s just a new level of domination, on all accounts. And I say this when we are in the middle of mixing and not even finished yet. It will just get better and better and better. It’s great to see that I (as I ofcourse knew) made all the right changes to the band this year.

We have never, ever been better. Is it our best album to date? Without a doubt. There’s just a whole different vibe to this, an underlying aura of complete diabolical atmosphere. Upon completion there will ofcourse be an in-depth analysis of everything so I’ll just stop for now coz I can’t justify the greatness of this in this small a post.  You’ll see… You just wait…”

And to further speak a bit about this matter:

Dan actually asked me before we started mixing if I “wanted the sound of “TLP” but enhanced”. I said “No, I want a new production – a different one”. I really dig the production of “Lustrate” but compared to this one it’s very “nice”. This one is tons heavier, darker… I can’t really put words to what I am feeling, but the material called for a different production and Dan’s really fucken nailed it. And I can’t even begin to say how fucken impressed I am with the drumsound. Those toms are to fucken die for.

Dan is a genius and I sincerely hope that I will always be able to work with him for as long as TPH or Torture Division exists.”

And just so you guys know, I should get the third track today for a first check. Things are going incredibly fucken well.

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