Another goal reached!

It is in amazement that I announce the fact we have now reached 2000 dollars in donations. Forumer and TPH supporter Obsidian just made sure we crossed the 2000 dollar mark.  I can never fucken ever begin to explain how thankful I am for your support, everyone. We are almost halfway to the 5000 dollar goal now, which means if this continues – the next album recording is a reality in 2012. Completely astonishing on all accounts. You guys who have donated, no matter how much or little, you are the ones making this come alive – if it does. Safe to say you have pitched in to what will be another statement of the TPH agenda – one that will be more vicious, more blasphemous and definitely more dominating than ever before. Even if we avoid the light at all costs, there is some goddamn light in the end of this tunnel it seems. Thank you.

Continue to spread the word about The TPH Donation Experiment and make sure people find out about it, helping us to somewhat revolutionize the business and show them it can be done like this now. And again, if you feel like supporting us by buying a shirt (where the money goes straight into The Experiment, just click this link.

Again – thank you.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, November 5th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.