As you probably know by now: YOU GUYS FUCKEN DID IT!

This will be quite the rant, so hang in there or simply give zero fucks and go browse some other shit on the Internetz, ok?

You still here? Phew… let’s start then.


It’s a success!

For the longest time I wasn’t sure I would even get to type that, to be honest. Let’s go over a few things here: I fired up this 5th edition on April 6th this year. Today it’s October 29th. That’s a span of 206 days.

None of the previous Experiments have taken this long to complete, which points to the fact that perhaps the interest of helping bands out this way is fading? Perhaps people think that donating for the cause of just getting music is just not worth it since there’s so much music out there anyways that you don’t need to pay for? I seriously have no idea, but I do know that this 5th procedure has been a fucken bitch to raise money for. Again, I’m sorry for the mass emails that have gone out to some of you more than once due to me not being computer savvy enough to make a proper mailing list. I think I got that covered now though. At 46 years of age no less! Yay fucken me!

Anyways, back to The Experiments.

Many years ago when I started the 1st one, I had zero faith in it being successful, but after that one reaching its goal you have proven to me over and over that this shit actually works. You have heard me say it too many times, but I can’t thank you enough and it wouldn’t be possible to do TPH as it is today without your monetary support.

Sure, I could do it with little to no cash actually. But that would mean I would have no vocals on there, the drums would be programmed and the actual mix and master wouldn’t be anything to write home about, among other things. Also, you would obviously never get to hear it.

That’s not the way I want it to be.

With you people raising the funds it makes it possible for me to actually create TPH as I want to create it, and I can also pay everyone involved for their efforts even if it’s not nearly enough to what these individuals are worth to me.

And “all” you people get in return is my musical vision, presented in the best way possible according to said vision.

The fact that quite a bunch of you who have donated for the 5th Experiment have done so more than once during these 206 days is also mind blowing. And even more mind blowing is seeing the bunch of people who obviously value the stuff I do so much they donate quite insane amounts of money so we can reach the goal.

I ask for 150 SEK and for that you’ll get all kinds of versions and formats when the album in question is done, and some of you donate hundreds and hundreds of dollars?! That is just so humbling.

I truly am so fucken (un)blessed to have people like you giving so many shits about TPH that you time and time again make sure another album can be recorded and released. And for that I am forever thankful.

So, how many people actually contributed this time around, you ask?


Probably 30 or so of those donated more than once during the course of this process, but with the use of simple math that would be something like $42 per person. Goddamn, see now how impressive this shit is?

We’ll have to take that with a grain of salt though coz I did put the funds from the sales of the anniversary shirt and some digital TPH sales from CD Baby etc. into this Experiment, but you get the point. So few people involved and yet you have done so much. As said; humbling.

This year TPH celebrate 20 years. You getting this Experiment to the finish line is the best fucken anniversary gift I could wish for.

I raise my glass in your honor, TPH family (make that glass virtual coz it’s fucken Tuesday and I work during the weeks, you know).


I have kept you in the loop on the recording process for quite some time and the amount of hours and work I have put into this 13th recording can’t even be counted properly. I always planned to spend 2019 with this beast and get it out in (somewhat) early 2020, but the slow progress of the 5th Experiment really made me doubt it would happen. Safe to say, now I go back to those plans!

My personal work for this recording is more or less completed. Behind the scenes I have been balls deep in this shit. All the guitars have been put down. The bass is there. The orchestras and electronics? Check. The hundreds and hundreds of insane little details no one but me will notice? Yep, fucken there as well. And it sounds absolutely spectacular. I have never played better, nor have I ever worked harder on my material. It is TPH to a 100% and I am so incredibly satisfied with what this is turning into.

As you have noticed in some updates along the way, the plan was also to have everyone else’s complete efforts delivered to me by now. That hasn’t happened just yet due to regular life and whatnot getting in the way. Everything is in progress though, and once again; it sounds fucken spectacular.

Jörgen Sandström only has one song left to put down his grunts for. Ellinor Asp’s got quite a bit of work left, but then again the magical insanity she provides isn’t exactly something you fire up in a heartbeat. Dirk should have wrapped up his stuff within a month or so and Lasse nailed all of his solos a few weeks ago during one day inside The Dungeon. Some fantastic guest contributions are done as well, and I’m extra honored to have this one guy on there. In time you’ll know who it is.

To once again get to work with Jörgen Sandström, Ellinor Asp, Dirk Verbeuren, Lasse Johansson, the guests and (when it’s time to mix and master) Dan Swanö is such a privilege. You guys and gal are simply the best. I’m also extremely happy that you all get to work with a genius like myself. Boom!


Oh, so you’re one of those rare ones? Yeah, hand me that cash so I can spend it on beer, software and other crucial shit! Simply PayPal 150 SEK to and you’ll get the album digitally as soon as it’s done.


Well, I will keep on working small details while I wait for everyone’s stuff to come in, to make sure this 13th album is nothing short of a perfect display of TPH. There’s, as mentioned, still quite some work to be done before we will enter the final phase, which is the mix and master, but I will keep you all up-to-date as we move forward now when something happens in the recording process that I believe is of value to you all. So, expect a little more activity on out social media platforms (just don’t expect a lot coz I, as you know, rather spend time creating music).

Last off; as I said in the beginning: YOU GUYS FUCKEN DID IT! You have made sure we can record and release this 13th album.

Thank you so much, all 236 of you.


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