Assistance needed!

Yep, we are still in need of help when it comes to collecting reviews of our latest opus, “Bleeding the new apocalypse”. If you, unlike us, have the time to stroll the Interwebs in search for these things, please send what you find (that we do not already have listed in this topic, that is). We are definitely happy with what we have seen so far, review-wise. We understand that we are definitely a notch above what some will ever be able to comprehend, and that’s the whole point. We crave a little more with the music we do. To see that so many media outlets have embraced this new masterpiece is a joy – even if it is second to us in the grand scheme of things. We know we have written and recorded a brilliant album, easily the best of our career – and that’s our main focus. We can also let you know that the writing for the next opus has started, though only in very small doses. To complete this recording will be a monumental task and don’t expect a new album anytime soon since it usually takes a few years in between them, but at least you now know what we are up to.

So, again – please help us collect reviews of “BTNA” and thanx for being so incredibly supportive of what we do.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, May 18th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.