Blood, sweat and absolutely no tears…

Went up at 5-something this morning and have been working on track 5 for about 14 hours straight now. Insane, but insanely fun too. All of Tobben‘s drum patterns have been programmed so he knows what to play (well, it’s his guidelines anyways) and there’s some really cool shit in this one that Tobben will have a field-day with, I’m sure of it. Initially this song was pretty much completed with temporary guitars in a tad slower tempo, but after listening to it a few times I felt it needed to be sped up just a little – so I did that and also re-recorded all the temporary guitars again. Now it feels ace.

I have also started working on all the orchestra stuff, and this will take quite some time becoz there are a few passages that I really need to spend some hours with to get it to sound like I want it to. After that I need to check if there’s any needs for loops and whatnot (there always is a need for loops and whatnot, haha). This is going to be the ending track for the album. I felt that as soon as I started working on it and it definitely turned out to be just that. When you hear it you will understand what I mean.

Still a long way to go with this one before it’s completed in full – but the major work is done now (except for the remaining orchestras, as mentioned), and it feels fantastic by all means. I reckon I’ll need to spend some more week(s) with this one before being a 100% satisfied and I can move on to the last of the 6 planned tracks.

This is a great day. I have a headache but still need to work with this since the inspiration has moved into The Dungeon full-time at the moment.


More updates will follow as soon as I have something new to report, be so sure.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, May 5th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.