Breaking news from the Hate camp!

Tobben’s got some important stuff to share with you all for starters:


I am sorry to tell you that I will not be playing the drums on the upcoming The Project Hate MCMXCIX album. There are several reasons for this, but what it basically comes down to is that I am not able to put the time and effort into TPH at this point. And – as you all probably already understand – it takes a lot of that, if you want to do it right and to make TPH justice. And I am all about that: do it right, or don’t do it at all! So this time I reluctantly have decided not to do it. I simply don’t have the time. Thanks to K for showing great understanding and actually supporting my decision. Next time, brother!

/ Tobias Gustafsson”

Yep, this fucken blows big time. Tobben is one of my fave drummers and was asked to play with us becoz he’s a genuine friend and a killer musician on all accounts, but sometimes shit just comes in the way and makes you have to focus on other things. This is one of those times. Myself, Jörgen and Ruby support Tobben’s decision a 100% and absolutely respect his attitude towards this. It’s all or nothing. And since he simply just can’t come up with the time needed to lay down the drums and live and breathe this new material before the recording – this is the right move. No, he didn’t quit TPH, and I hope he never does, but he’s stepping away from the drum stool for this album. One would think this is a huge blow for my plans after going thru The TPH Donation Experiment and everything, but… We got it covered. I don’t think a single soul will be dissapointed with the fact that the drum throne for this next opus is none other than superhero…

Dirk Verbeuren.

Together with Tobben, Dirk’s been another one of my absolute fave drummers (I have like… 3, haha…) for many, many years, and it feels absolutely amazing to get him to lay down the thunder for the coming monster when Tobben chose to step down. To take on this task (and being underpaid in the process) in-between his busy schedule is mindblowing, and I can never thank him enough. He sure will have his work cut out for him and I know he will bring some amazing drumming into our music, just like Tobben did on the last album. It is a privilege to be able to work with all these fantastic musicians, lemme tell you that. This is what Dirk’s got to say about being a part of the next piece in the history of TPH:

“I’m extremely proud and honored to play drums on The Project Hate MCMXCIX’s upcoming new album. After no less than eight kick-ass studio records and an equally kick-ass live album, to say they’re a criminally underrated band is a hell of an understatement. Any self-respecting metal fan should rightfully embrace this new batch of crushing anthems TPH have concocted… As well as all the previous ones for that matter!

/ Dirk Verbeuren”

So as you can see – the plans are fucken intact, the music is on another level (song writing process in here) and we will deliver our finest moment yet when you get to hear this one. Trust me.

Let’s make something very clear by the way. This album will only be sent to the people who actually made sure we can record it. The heroes who participated in The TPH Donation Experiment. You can still donate to us if you want it as soon as it’s released. If this one leaks on the Internet, it’s one of you guys who made sure this beast comes alive who’s responsible for it, meaning you are working against us and the whole agenda with this album. Think about that. You can of course do what you want with the album since you are the reason we can make it, but if you really wanna support what we do – prevent the leaking of it. You who want it “legally” – donate any given sum to us and you’ll have it from us upon release date. These are new times…


You already helped us to break new ground with the fulfillment of The Experiment, which is just amazing, now treat this recording accordingly when you get it.

You guys are superior.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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