Breaking news! New label home and more.

First off, sorry that it’s taken so long before going public with this but we had to wait for the contract, sign it, work out a marketing plan and get the “go” from the label, naturally. Now we are here. Finally. When things look the worst, the weirdest shit occurs… Hear me out here… God fucken damn… This will be a post resembling a novel. Phew…

After giving up on the industry completely we started The TPH Donation Experiment. Thanx to you guys I no longer have any doubts it would have worked in the end. Haters all around the world donated money and made me realize “- damn, this shit will actually fly”. There is a certain someone who I wanna give a extra “thank you” to… The one person in question who donated 666 dollars to us. That is a lot of money. And I mean alot of money. And as a muthafucken sign from the fiery pits of Hell – 2 seconds after that donation ended up in our account… shit hit the fan. In a very good way. As I have said countless of times before: thank you so much, each and every one of you who donated to help us out, or were about to donate. And now to the great part…

None of your donations will be needed, obviously. Your money have been returned to you.

I have issued refunds of all the cash that came into PayPal. If you notice your money has not been returned, get in touch with me asap and lemme know how much you donated in case something has fucked up along the way. If you did a bank transfer, contact me and lemme know where to return the money to. If you sent a snail mail, get in touch and we’ll work it out. Every single cent will/have be(en) returned.

So, what is this about then? Let’s see… Obviously there’s a label in this world realizing there’s some fucken potential in what we do, being ready to take the risk in today’s illegal downloading dilemma, meaning they want to release the next album of The Project Hate MCMXCIX. The fact that there are still record companies around who try their hardest to get the best music out there absolutely astonishes me. This means we will get a proper release for this coming monster and you can all save your money and buy beer instead of putting it into our recording. For now anyways, haha… You never know if it will come down to running The Experiment somewhere down the line in the future. But, let’s try to keep this short now (with a huge risk of failing in the process, haha)…

To be able to do this album with a world wide distribution, thru a label who absolutely seem to know what they are doing, feels great. In the little time I have been in touch with the people of this label I have seen more professionalism than during my entire career. That says alot. We can now concentrate on delivering the best damned recording we have ever done and leave the rest of the business to the record company in question. To be on the same roster as quality bands like Morbid Angel, Watain, Mayhem and Cynic feels great. And to know that this disc will see the physical light of day is exactly how we want it to be. We want the whole package to be more than a thing on your monitor, and hopefully a lot of you guys feel the same – meaning you will buy a real copy of it in these times of digital theft being the new black.

Ruby and Jörgen have both started doing the work with their vocals. Ruby’s sent over pre-productions for all of the tunes and she’s done an amazing job – proving me to be correct when I chose her for TPH, but I knew that all along, ofcourse. Now these 2 heroes are heading for the studios to do the real vocals and we are planning to have all of that completed during September. September is also the month when Tobben will lay down his thunderous domination drum-wise. We are so looking forward to have Tobben play with TPH at last. He’s an amazing drummer, a close friend and a complete nutjob. In other words – he’s destined to play with us. If nothing out of our hands fucks shit up we plan to have everything recorded and ready to be mixed sometime in October. Dan Swanö is on stand-by, ready to sink his teeth into this piece – undoubtedly the most intricate and dark work of our career (6 songs, 60+ minutes). Titles and whatnot will be revealed in time. Just hang in there.

Artist Marko Saarelainen ( has created an absolutely majestic,very dark and disturbing piece of work for the album cover, further enhancing the idea and concept of this whole album. Just wait until we reveal it and you’ll see.

You might have noticed that there has been very little information about guitarist Anders inclusion on this record. Due to personal commitments he’s not been around at all during the course of the writing for this album, meaning he won’t be included on it. Nope, he’s not fired and he didn’t quit – he’s just had more important things than metal to devote his time to. Hopefully he’ll be back for the next one.

So, let’s round this novel off now…

Thank you, Season Of Mist – our new label home. And thank you again – Haters, for being unbelievable and for supporting what we do. Even if it didn’t need to come down to you having to make this album happen thru donations – I still feel you are a part of this as much as we, the band, are.

On behalf of TPH, I sincerely thank you all. More than I can ever explain.

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