It is done!

The 7th album in our career is completed, and what a fucken album it turned out to be. Just some months ago we were actually wondering if this recording would see the day at all. The Haters showed us that it most likely would have, even if it would happen as an exclusive download-thing only. I can never thank you guys enough for that and will state that it’s one of the best moments in my career to see such support from a very dedicated fanbase. Thank you so much.

Everything has worked according to plan during this recording. I told everyone involved when I needed their contributions and they all nailed it way before deadline. Dan Swanö and me needed to have the master at the 8th of November – we did it the day before. Now it’s all up to Season Of Mist to make the best out of it and deliver this phenomenon to your local record dealer coz you will want the real product with Marko Saarelainen‘s astonishing booklet. If not for that, you want the real thing so we can actually sell some albums and be able to record a new one in the future with a happy label behind us. After all these years we deserve it, and Season Of Mist deserves it for believing in us. Think about that when you steal it from the net with no intention of buying it.

6 insane tunes with a combined running-time of over 60 minutes with easily the best fucken production I have ever heard out of Swanö’s Unisound. That guy sure knows what I want by now and it’s, as stated earlier, a miracle he’s not making a complete luxurious living out of his studio. Just wait until you hear it, people…  Thank you so much, Dan.

And it’s soon time for you guys to hear what Ruby‘s brought into TPH. Trust me on the fact when I say that this is how we should have sounded 12 years ago when we started TPH. She is one of the two final pieces of the puzzle to make my vision complete. The other one is ofcourse The Golden OneTobias Gustafsson. The work he’s done on the album is just amazing. For the first time ever it feels like we have a real drummer and a real vocalissa. It took a few years to come to this point, but hey – we all start somewhere, haha… And I don’t even have to say that J’s done his best vocal effort ever. Again. And Mike Wead‘s solos are just… wow. I can never express my gratitude enough to the people involved in TPH.

But to further talk about the masterpiece at hand, coz a masterpiece it is… I can guarantee you that you will notice the diabolical atmosphere I have been referring to during the process of writing and recording this album. I can also guarantee that you have never experienced TPH on this superior  level up until now. In a few months you will see, and you will agree.

As soon as Season Of Mist’s promo department give us their “GO!” you will get the album title, street date and perhaps something else you might find interesting.

Up until then, brace yourself for complete annihilation come 2011 and the release of this recording.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, November 6th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.