Do you think this is the end for TPH?

We had a nice little post from a full-on Hater made over at our forums, and I thought we should share it with you guys who do not visit that place, just so you don’t miss out on it, coz this guy always puts his mind and soul into giving us his thoughts and feedback, something we truly appreciate. This is what he said:

“As I was trying to nod off to sleep last night the thought occurred to me, that this would be the last genuine “TPH” album. And it brings me sadness. Times have changed too much to continue on. It’s been said before, but never has it actually felt more true.

There isn’t any incentive to struggle on. The Donation Experiment will finance the recording of this album. But that’s it. Just the recording. There is no compensation for the time and effort of those involved. I have no faith in the actual profits of the model in the future (not that you’re making any from labels, either). It is only a means to release.

I know you can’t sit on your hands. You have to compose. You have to make music. But… I don’t see it being under the lustrate process you have come to know. I can’t ask those involved to give their passion to this, without dividend, without something in return. Bullshit aside, fan admiration can’t buy you lunch. Or beer.”

I believe we need to clear a few things up, hence why I want you to read my reply:

“Nope, it can’t. But my job can. My full-time job provides me those things. Music is something I create outside of working, something I live for to the fullest when I am not bringing in the dough to the household, sort of, haha…

Last TPH album? I haven’t even thought for a second about that. I see no end to TPH. Do I see an end to physical copies manufactured by a label? Absolutely. But I don’t care about that now. I have had it with labels and the insane decrease of record sales. It is what it fucken is, obviously.

Then again – you never know, perhaps a label wants to release this album if/when it gets recorded (it’s all up to the Haters who’ll finance it, you know) and it’s “there”, a finished product just waiting to be released. They don’t have to pay any studio costs and whatnot, bla bla bla… But do I feel it would be a nice thing to do – to give the album that the Haters eventually made sure came alive, to a record label, just like that? I don’t know. That shit doesn’t ring too well to my ears. Would Haters want a physical copy of it if that’d be the way to do it to make it a “real” product? I have no idea and it’s not in my sphere right now to even think about it. What happens happens.

This experiment is a thrill to follow. We are far away from the goal at the moment – then again, there’s no deadlines really. The faster the eventual funds would come in, the faster it would be recorded. But I can’t do anything about that. We’ll see if people really wants another album or not. Safe to say you’ll miss out on some seriously apocalyptic music if it doesn’t happen.

It struck me today, if everyone who’s downloaded all of our albums (or just the latest one) actually donated one fucken dollar – we’d have funds for a ton of future recordings. One fucken dollar… That shit is depressing to think about.

I will create music for as long as I am physically able to, and I see myself being that for quite some time actually.

Spread the word about the TPH Donation Experiment, raise the awareness in the scene, and well see what happens…

And just for the record: We have done this for some 12 years without compensation, so hey – that’s nothing new. Money is not what drives us, or me in particular when we’re talking about TPH. It’s just crucial to be able to record what we have created.”

Since we parted ways with Season Of Mist some people might think this is the end for TPH. I beg to differ. We all beg to differ. But we are in serious need of your help, you – The devoted Haters. It’s all up to you now. This could be pretty goddamn ground-breaking if the TPH Donation Experiment actually worked.

Time will tell.

Spread the word about this, please.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 29th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.