Early February 2008 update from the Hate camp

Excuse us for taking a month without updating you lot on our activities, which are quite many. There we go, apology made. Well, seriously, we keep everyone who wants to updated over at our forums on a daily basis so we take the apology back. How about that? On a more serious note, this is what’s currently happening in the land of Hate:

We are one or 2 riffs short of completing the 7th and final track for the next album. The only reason why this last tune hasn’t been finished just yet is lack of time during the last month or so. K‘s been helping out Grave playing some gig or 2 and he’s also recorded the Torture Division demo (with fellow TPH superstar J and Vomitory‘s Grindmaster Flash Tobben) that you’ll all get as a free download shortly at the Torture Division website. Keep yer eyes open for that.

But back to The Hate now…

We are about to finish up all the material for studio album number 6(66), as mentioned. Once again we are quite surprised as for how incredibly good it all sounds. We just have to state it again: It’s the best damn thing we have ever written. And yeah, it’s actually true too. You’ll see when the time comes. There’s still ALOT of stuff to sort before we’ll start to record this one though. We are about to pick out all the parts where the vocals should be any day now. Jo‘s been very active with ideas and suggestions for her parts and we just know that some of it will definitely turn some heads. You never saw some of this shit come from us, that’s guaranteed. It’s only been a few months since the last masterpiece was released so we are really in no rush to complete this one. It feels like we have said this a thousand times, but hey… We’ll take all the time we need to make everything completely perfect. To do all the lyrics will definitely take some time as well, but since the hate against everything that is holy is endless, this will be done in our usual, glorious manner.

“Will Stormvox release the next album?” we hear you ask. We haven’t even discussed that yet so that remains to be seen. Hopefully they have been sorting out their distro-deals now coz the amount of mails we get from people who are asking as for where to find the latest album show that there’s definitely an interest and a demand for what we are doing. You can always order the thing directly from us though, remember that. All the information you need is at the forums of ours. It’ss prolly be way faster to do it like that.

Bassist Michael is a stark raving lunatic, we have to mention that as well. He’s obviously going to do some mindblowing shit (again) on the next recording. The ideas he’s handed over to K are just those of pure insanity. That guy IS bass personified. You’ll see, as always when it comes to that madman. It’s always nice to see someone with an endless stream of ideas, someone who continously pushes himself beyond all limitations.

This is an update made just so you know what the fuck we are up to. Now we’ll get that last song down and start working out all the remaining details so we can start recording this asap. Stay tuned here and at our forums for daily updates on our activities. Thanx so much for the infernal support you Haters show us. We appreciate it and it makes us work harder and harder for every album.

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