Early February update


Since a week back or so we are finished with all guitars for the coming album. Guitarist Mazza came over to K‘s studio and put down his remaining solos as well as some neat additional guitars that made everything even better. We guess that’s kind of the point. We are also happy to say that the contract with Peter Stormare is signed and delivered. We so look forward to see what this madman can do for us. We have no idea when the album will be released, but we plan to have everything complete and delivered to Peter by late March/early April. And no, the title for the coming album is not “666” as Stormare’s website for StormVox says. But it kinda gives a hint as for what this piece will deliver. Or something.

Next thing for us is to have Michael put down his bass. That should be done by the end of February if everything goes as planned. If he avoids half of the hassle he had last time this could work out. We can definitely do without broken computer monitors and whatnot. We all know what Michael can deliver and we are so looking forward to hear what he comes up with on this album.

It looks like the only female element in the band (if you don’t count Jörgen as one) will do her vocals the 24th and 25th of February, in Rat Productions, Örebro, Sweden. Yes, the same studio and producer used for her vocals on our last album. After that we will try to enter another studio in Örebro to record J’s vocals over a couple of days. This will hopefully happen in the beginning of March. And after that it’s time to ship the whole thing to Dan Swanö so he and K can start mixing and mastering it in Unisound.

A few weeks back we also took the last shots to use for the booklet. Huge thanx to Mats Wiman for the great work with those. We can promise a very nice looking package, once again created by Marko Saarelainen. Thanx guys, you fucken kill.

That’s where we are at right now… There is actually one more thing we wanna tell you, but we have to wait a little longer to see if it works out… Stay tuned and expect another fine release of christloving ballads in a while.

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