Ending 2011… On a high note.

First I want you to look at this, taken from our forums. It’s about eventual physical CD’s of the coming album that you guys are making a reality. Forumer EvigFokk had this to say:

“- K, about the final product, since the original plan is to upload the album in digital form, one option would be to have Statik work the graphics and also include them on-line so we can go to a printshop and print the booklet and CD label ourselves. I also just saw something called digipak i-create—don’t know how it works, but it’s worth checking out. Lastly, since the $5000 will only cover recording and production costs, have you considered whether to add physical print costs on top of the $5000 or to only charge those interested something extra on top of what has already been donated? I remember you mentioning that you would stop the donation experiment once the goal was reached, but maybe you could start a poll to see whether most people want a physical copy or not, and if they do, if the TPH goal should be readjusted to account for the print and shipping costs and the experiment allowed to continue, or a flat fee just be charged to those who care about it. Since raising the goal would mean a change in the original agreement, I think it would only be fair for the majority to decide so that people don’t start accusing you of changing the terms.

I personally prefer the first option because it seems like we’re making pretty good progress and maybe we could surpass the $5,000 mark if there are still a lot of Haters out there unaware of the donation experiment or just people who have just recently been exposed to the band, and if so maybe it would be fairer to those who donated since there’s a possibility they wouldn’t need to pay anymore (even though everyone paid knowing their donation would go strictly to production costs and no one was promised a physical copy, it would be nice if what we donated were to include a physical copy as well, if conditions are favorable for that to happen, although I’m sure the added fee wouldn’t be too high). Sure there is no guarantee that if we reach the $5,000 goal we will reach the adjusted goal as well, but we could have that as an option once we reach $4600 or something like that, since I feel that at the rate we’re going will reach $5,000 before the album is completed.

Or you could just stick to all-digital and not have to worry about all that, although I’m glad we’re in a comfortable enough position (80% of the goal reached) so that people already feel confident to start a discussion about this issue.

By the way, I really enjoyed Teaser 1—can’t wait to hear what you have in store with the same production as BTNA.”

Here is my response to that:

Tons of nice input. Thanx. I am already thinking about this physical copies thing – but the issue is that I don’t know if it would be possible to actually raise money for that as well. I wouldn’t be surprised though considering how tremendous the support’s been so far with this thing. It still blows my mind. I am actually checking with a few companies what it can cost to print, say, 500 or 1000 dikipaks (lighter in weight, better-looking, and cheaper to ship). We’ll see what comes out of it.

Naturally, everyone who’s donated a single dollar or a hundred should have a “free” copy (well.. you guys made this album happen with the donations) of it, but then we are talking about postage for some 100 packages to ship out, which is not cheap. Especially not considering most of the donations have come from outside of Sweden. We’ll see if we can work this out somehow.

But a poll about it? Not too many people visit these forums, nor the site. It seems like the donations have dropped in word-of-mouth, so a poll could be misleading. This is tricky. I believe it’d be easier to think about this once I know how much it would cost to actually print cd’s.

If any of you guys in here feel we should try to do donations for actual cd’s as well, feel free to say so in here. It doesn’t mean it’ll happen since I don’t think too many will actually comment on the issue at hand. If you’re not registered at these forums but are still reading this – please feel free to e-mail me at theprojecthate@gmail.com and lemme now you’d appreciate a physical cd, and that you’d buy it if so. I can’t sit around with 500 or a 1000 cd’s at my place to no use, you know.

About packaging, physical or not, Statik’s already said he’ll do everything as usual. I didn’t even have to ask him. Statik is phenomenal, and so are you guys. Truly phenomenal.

With all that said, let’s mention one more small thing…

Just fucken unbelievable. Happy new diabolical year, people. Now I’ll go back to composing. The sixth track is soon completed… And as it looks, the opener for the album just changed… Thank you so much for 2011. Spread the word about The TPH Donation Experiment and let’s make 2012 the best year for The Hate ever.

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