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And I thought it might be interesting for you to read. Forumer Farlus is a longtime Hater from the US and he asked something related to The TPH Donation Experiment that I am not sure it has been asked before, hence why I being it up here at the official site. After this I’ll hand over some info as for what’s going on right now with the album recording. So, here you go:

Q: How confident are you that there’ll ever be another TPH album after this one? It would appear that you’ve become disillusioned with the biz in general, and unless there is some amazing deal or twist of fate will not likely sign with a record label again. Do you think the Donation Project model can last for more than a single album? I know you have the drive, creativity and talent to make albums forever, but obviously there is the monetary issue there that could hinder you from creating the masterpiece you truly want to, and I know you would never knowingly deliver anything less than that. I can imagine you’ve probably thought about this at length already, and was wondering your thoughts.

A: Of course I have thought about this. No, I don’t have any urge to sign a deal again, it feels pointless in this time and age. No, I can’t ever record and make TPH sound as I want it to without funds, funds I obviously do not have myself. 5000 dollars in donations for this one is pretty goddamn low for the quality I will get from it with Swanö and so forth. I can’t really settle for less, for obvious reasons. I am very happy that I have managed to build up The Dungeon over the years to an extent that I can record bass and guitars without a problem. To do this in a “real” studio would cost a fucken fortune. I have never thought about another album not being written. Will The TPH Donation Experiment work a second time? I have absolutely no idea. If people want more music by TPH – then it will. People don’t by CD’s anymore, so for a label to release something by us that won’t sell is pointless. I understand them. But if the fans of what we do are willing to pay for the recording, a dollar or a hundred until the goal is reached, then music will come their way nonetheless, and that is obviously what matters.

I will create music for as long as I physically can, how many that get to hear it is another issue. Will Haters continue to donate to experience it? Then they will experience it. If not, the music stays with me. First off, I am doing this for myself, naturally, but it seems like quite a bunch of people take a liking in what I/we do and wanna hear it presented in the best way possible, meaning helping out with donations for recording it makes that happen. If there are no funds, there won’t be any albums released as I want them to be released. There will be massive amounts of music (within the 4 walls of The Dungeon – restricted to me and my close friends) that sounds awesome, though lacking the production I wish to have for it to be heard by the supporters of the stuff I do. We’ll see what happens down the road, all I know is that this is what I do. This is what I fucken live for. If I wanted to get rich on this, I chose the wrong fucken style to begin with. It’s not like 10+ minute death-metal-and-beyond music with loops and techno influences is the new black. Nor will it ever be. It would be nice to be able to sell enough albums so you don’t have to worry about financial difficulties for recordings though. But I have given up on that. It may sound cheesy, but to be able to create this with the people that I can create it with is… my heart and my soul. And to have Haters fund this is just mind-fucken-blowing and the biggest compliment I can ever get.

You are making the recording of the next album a reality, and as said numerous times before – I am forever thankful for it. Just like you will be when you hear what you have invested in.

A masterpiece.

There you go, Haters. A valid question and a very honest response as for how I view this whole thing. When it comes to this new album that we are currently working on, we don’t really have any breaking news… Ruby is about to start recording her vocals any day now which is fantastic. As I have mentioned numerous times before, she’s really done an amazing job with the demos, so to hear what she’ll deliver “for real” will be pure joy. Dirk’s halfway thru with the drums. The plan is to wrap those up within the coming months. J is on vacation and will start recording his stuff as soon as he possibly can. It’s all coming together as planned. Mike Wead should be starting putting down his solos as well shortly. Swanö is just waiting to sink his teeth into this monster of an album and I am doing detail work all the fucken time to further enhance the greatness of this album. Yep, you already knew all of this but if I didn’t say it again I wouldn’t have much to update with, haha…Keep up with how we are moving along by entering our forums or just check out this site.

Again, thanx for all the support. Make sure you understand how to get this piece of blasphemy by clicking this link, and don’t forget to follow the process of the signs.

Spread the word.

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