Heads up on the song writing (lustrate) process…

As you already know, 5 tracks are finished music-wise for the next album (the TPH Donation Experiment is crucial in the realization of this monster). Over the last days I have continued work with the 6th one and it’s starting to shape up as I imagined it. Still, as always, a shit ton of work left with this one before I can show the guys and gal in the band what it sounds like, but just becoz you don’t hear much from me doesn’t mean I’m not working on stuff. Coz I am, all the time. Trust me when I say I am putting absolutely everything into the creation of this eventual next album (judging from the donations – you guys are making it happen) and I am so satisfied with what we have so far. There are so many ideas recorded just waiting to be used, so many things I need to put into songs coz I so wanna hear it with the others’ input. It really is on another level now. I have so many ideas I wanna bring into this album it’s not even sane. To work with my new gear is so inspiring and so rewarding, and the countless of hours I spend learning it really shows in what comes out musically. I can’t wait to see this beast come alive, piece by piece… Stay tuned for continuous updates as I walk the path of creating the next TPH album. I know that many of you have asked for videos from the actual writing. Perhaps one of these days I’ll manage to record something, but now is not the time.

Before I go back to writing music I just wanna let you know how incredibly thankful I am for your support and the help you have given us by chipping in a dollar or a hundred for the recording. We seriously can’t do this without you. Spread the word about The Experiment.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, November 22nd, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.