It might be close now…

The time of PURGATORY is coming.

Another week spent mixing our 13th album together with the great Dan Swanö of Unisound is in the books and I’m closer than ever to wrap this up. Still need a little more time to do the detail work, but those tweaks are far and between now. I’m narrowing them down day by day and it feels fucken fantastic.

The iPod and my Sennheiser IE80’s are ready for a run-through of the latest mix and after that it’s time to let this beast blast thru the Cerwin Vegas once again so I can check that the tweaks sound as good in those as in the headphones.

But as said; we are close now. Tell me how stoked you are. Or don’t.

Take care of each other out there.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, March 29th, 2020 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.