Just a thought, taken from the forums…

“I have been thinking about this a bit lately… Printing CD’s (digipaks) professionally with a full color booklet and so forth… how much would it cost? I have sent the question to some Swedish CD manufacturers to see what it would land at. We can’t do it with the 5000 dollars though, that only covers the recording and mixing, and that’s why we set the goal at that sum. If the interest for this is big enough and people really want a physical CD, perhaps this could be worth looking into down the road, though I don’t know if we’d ever sell some 1000 CD’s ourselves and I doubt people would wanna help out with raising funds for that as well.

Fuck knows we wouldn’t have to charge 20-25 Euros for them if we did them ourselves since we don’t have to buy them off the label for 8-12 Euros per CD.

I don’t know, this is not an issue right now. The recording is what is most important. Just a thought, though.”

Thought I should post it here as well. If you wanna read some great input from Haters about this, just go over to this thread at our forums and scroll down to read some fine stuff by some true supporters of TPH. Anyways, here it is. And again – thanx to Dave Mustein at Metalsucks.net who brought this story up and had some more people donating to the cause of this recording. On the other hand, they also managed to bring in some real, ehh… superstars in the comments area, so go read that as well. Mind boggling, haha…

The composing continues and this agenda is on full throttle. Keep on spreading the word about The TPH Donation Experiment.

Thank you, Haters. You truly are amazing individuals.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, December 15th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.