Late April update

Over the last month since our last update here, alot of things are in motion… We are almost done with the guitars for the 6th creation of Hate, how about that? You didn’t see that coming, did you? We are going to use the coming weeks to make sure everything is in order when it comes to those axes, add some new shit we didn’t know was supposed to be there initially, etc etc. Basically we will just work our asses off getting these guitars perfect. A process that is very much enjoyable, to say the least.

So far it sounds outstanding. The material is really something else and many are the times when we listen to what we are currently doing and go “how thew fuck did we manage to do this?”. It feels like “Hora” was released just a few weeks ago so to be able to listen to these 7 songs already (though it’s very early in the process) and understand that it blows away exactly everything we have done before when it comes to darkness, emotions and pure domination is a feeling you can’t beat. Until we record our 7th album, of course.

There’s still TONS of work to do with this piece. We haven’t completed the lyrics yet, nor do we have any actual song titles, and the other guys in the band need to do their performances as well, naturally. But to start with the guitars was the obvious choice since K can do that in his own studio and everything is already programmed for drummer Mojjo to learn the stuff to anyways, so…

Now you know that the process of creating our 6th (damn, we are veterans!) album is on its way. We have some video footage of the guitars being done and we will post some of that as we go along. We are planning to document this recording as much as possible and if everything goes as planned we’ll be able to hand you some clips eventually.

In the meantime, hang around our forums and discuss whatever you wanna discuss with us. We are always around to answer any questions the Haters might have. And don’t forget that you can still order “Hora” directly from us, something we would appreciate if you do.

Posted by The Hate, April 22nd, 2008 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.