Late March update

In case you haven’t noticed, we have closed the “writing for the next album” topic over at our forums. The reason is simple; we are not writing for the new album (except for doing the lyrics) anymore since the material is fucken completed. What’s next in store is to record what will be the finest hour of TPH so far.

We will start a new topic that deals with the recording as soon as it has started. We will also try to post some photos and videos for you guys of the process. Dan Swanö is about to enter K‘s home studio to set up the shit needed to record the guitars. So those will be tracked over the coming days/weeks/months.There’s some insane work to be done with these guitars, you will understand when you hear the final result, so it will definitely take quite some time to record and perfect them. Also, we have no idea if StormVox wants to release the next piece. Obviously we have sold shit thanx to non-existing promotion, advertising and distribution – stuff we can’t do much about. We have done what we can, but the main work is up to the label if they wanna sell copies, something we have informed them about. But hey, we knew about this and are quite used to it, (man, we worked with Massacre and Threeman in the past, haha), so fuck it. We’ll see what happens further down the road with everything label-wise. As usual, we are in no hurry recording this masterpiece. Coz a masterpiece it will be. Hooray!

Now you know that we are definitely hard at work with the coming bastard child of TPH. Are you ready for the 6th installment of The Hate? You have seen nothing yet… Ok, you have seen quite some from us over the years when we think about it, haha…

We still have “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” for sale. Enter the forums for all the info you need when it comes to this. Thanx to everyone who supported us by buying it from us so far, we really appreciate it, you know. Well, we better get going, you guys deserve some new Hate.

Stay (down)tuned!

Posted by The Hate, March 27th, 2008 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.