Late May update

Yeah, it’s been a while again. That doesn’t mean we are slacking. Very much the opposite in fact. The guitars for the 6th installment of Hate are more or less completed. What we are doing now is just finetuning and adding stuff all the time, since we have nothing better to do while writing and finishing up the lyrics. We are about halfway into that process as well, so as you can see – shit is moving on very nicely.

We have no idea as for now when to record the drums and whatnot, and as we have stated so many times before: we are in no rush whatsoever. There’s a lot of pieces in this puzzle and we deal with them one by one, just to make sure we are reaching perfection. And, well, we are. How suprising. Not.

So, just so you know – we are doing great and will now continue to work on our 6th studio album. More news will come when we have something more to tell you. But now you know what we are up to; creating the best damn album in our career. Again.

Posted by The Hate, May 22nd, 2008 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.