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Are you Haters ready?

We have completed the 5th album. It’s been quite a while since we started recording this one, actually – we began putting down the guitars in October, 2006. That’s a bunch of months back to say the least. But we planned all of this exactly like it has happened. And we are damn happy to have the proof in our hands that we made everything right, again. Schedules for recording are pretty useless when you think about it. We knew from the start that we would spend the longest time in our career completing this one, and so we did. It’s been worth it, it’s so been worth it.

Bringing in drummer Mojjo really brought some new shit to us, then again – it didn’t. “Didn’t” becoz this guy is so talented he played the shit pretty much to 95% exactly as K had programmed the demos. But on the other hand, a drummer of flesh and blood can never be replaced by programmings, so naturally he has brought something new into us after all. Tremendous work, little one.

Bassist Michael‘s never worked so hard on anything he’s been involved in before. And it shows. Sometimes laidback material, most of the times outrageous playing. No wonder Mojjo and Michael play in their other band Engel, they sure match each other as far as talent goes. They have both done amazing, amazing work for this new monster, and it feels fantastic to have them with us as full members of The Hate. Well, Michael’s been with us for a couple of years now, but you know what we mean. They are still the new guys.

Once again, Jörgen shows the world that there is absolutely no one that beats him in the growling department. The furious power and insanity that his voice displays is unmatched. And having in mind he did all the vocals in just 9 hours is beyond us… Then remember, they are also dubbed, and sometimes tripled. As always, he hates what we do, but in the end we know he’s damn proud to hear the end result. At least that’s what we always imagine, haha…

Our girl Jo… Once again staying away from the standard bullshit operatic crap that has little-to-no place in metal. She’s just marvellous. The desperation and the warmth in her voice… Such an icing on a fucken tasty cake.

Guitarist Petter‘s done some damn fine leads and the occasional rhythm axes all over the place, and he and K really spent time together sorting details for this one. And it shows. We have never used so many guitars in the past as on this piece. You will find something new in this recording every time you devour it, that’s a promise.

Dan Swanö. We can’t really express our gratitude as much as he deserves. Sure, we pay him and all that shit, but the work he’s doing for us… The endless assistance during the recordings when something fucks up… Dan is king. Or queen, depending on yer mood. It’s not easy working with us, it’s not easy to make everything audible with our records… We are a bit more than your average guitar/bass/drums/vocals band. It feels like we are not paying him enough some times. Once again he’s done an outstanding job and we are most thankful. Can’t wait to record our next album, but that feels a little too early to talk about right now.

Marko Saarelainen. Our webmaster, our brother, our sister… The guy who’s been doing everything artwork-wise for our albums the last 500 years… Once again he waits for the title and lyrics before creating anything. And when he does, all shit breaks loose. He, just like us, look to go beyond what he’s done before with TPH. And always succeeds. The coming cover and booklet is fantastic and his finest piece yet. That he is not getting more recognition is completely beyond us, and absolutely absurd. This has to fucken change. Marko deserves it.

And last off, Peter Stormare. The lunatic/actor (exactly in that order) who, for some reason, thinks that signing us is a smart move. The passion shown by him towards what we do is… weird. He doesn’t NEED to sign us, he WANTED to sign us (sure, we threatened him if he didn’t, but hey…). We don’t think we’ll ever understand why, but we feel fucken awesome about the fact that it happened. Hollywood, here we come! Right.

So, when the usual bragging and modesty is dealt with, this is what you can expect from the album as far as the basics go:

Title: In Hora Mortis Nostræ
Number of tracks: 7
Length: Over 60 minutes
Recorded in: All over Sweden
Release date and label: September 2007, StormVox Records

1. Annihilation of all that is holy
2. Crawling through the infinite fields of carnage
3. Serenades of rotten flesh
4. For our name is chaos eternal
5. Tear down the walls of heaven
6. And damnation is forced upon the weak
7. The innocence of the three-faced saviour

Guest musicians: A whole bunch of people, you’ll just have to wait for the album and its booklet to see who they are.

So, what do we have in store for you now?

As the first and last teaser of “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” we will hand out a websingle of the track “The Innocence of the Three-Faced Saviour“. It comes with a complete downloadable cover. This version is an edited one though. A radio-edit, if you will. It’s cut down to some three and half minutes, it’s remixed and it doesn’t sound like this on the actual album. Just becoz we want to (and can) do something special with it.

This websingle is available for download here at and the lyrics are found at the Discography-page.

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