Listen up!

Well then, Haters

As I told ya by the end of 2019, everything but the last work from drummer behemoth Dirk Verbeuren has been finalized for our 13th album. And now that last missing part is also done!

Yep, Dirk‘s completed his work and within a week or 2 I will have everything delivered to me, meaning I will spend the remainder of January working the final details within the music to make it perfect. So if all goes well I’d say me and Dan Swanö at the famed Unisound AB will start mixing this monster in February! That process will of course take its sweet time, but when you least expect it you’ll have this album in your digital hands.

How’s that for making your Saturday fantastic?

You’re very welcome.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, January 6th, 2020 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.