Mixing process – Part 6.

The 4th tune dropped in yesterday and after several listens (both in the regular stereo and thru my AKG‘s with real loud volume) this one is so far the one in the need of least corrections. Dan did another amazing job on all accounts and I can’t believe how fucken heavy and amazing it all sounds. Dan’s done exactly what I have told him to add these little small things as he see fit, and he’s not disappointing me whatsoever, haha… It’s insanely nice to work with someone who understands me so well, and what I am looking for, as Dan does.

This particular tune is so fucken heavy and depressing at times you’ll shit bricks. I have mentioned before this complete diabolical atmosphere that surrounds this album on so many levels. Trust me when I say that it’s very, very easy to hear what I am referring to when you listen to this song. And fucken Mike Wead is just raping that guitar on all accounts in the solo department, as always. I can’t believe I have these fantastic people helping me to make this all sound as I picture it, and more.

4 tunes down for the first check. 2 more to go before we launch ourselves into the fun job of working out the details, which is a process that will be repeated for at least a third time, but more like a 3rd and 4th, haha… Dan is off to play in Romania later today so we’ll continue the mixing process next week.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, October 14th, 2010 | Filed in News.