More from the mixing process!

Mr. Swanö just handed over the first corrections he’s made for the second track and now that one is pretty close to being finished as well. Just a few more things to deal with before moving on to the third one. Or actually, Dan’s already sent over the third one for me to go thru to see what needs to be adjusted. And seriously, it wasn’t much at all at this point. Dan’s definitely understood what I am after and is acting accordingly before I even have the chance to say much. Me and Dan’s been working together for so many years he knows me pretty goddamn well by now. Sure, there were a few things that needed to be fixed in this third one (there’s always these small things to take care of, you can never avoid that), but we usually have two or three sessions with each song to make the alterations needed to make me satisfied – to have these few things for the first session is not common. Good work, Mr. D! Fucken great even. It’s an honor to work with ya, you bastard.

This is how it will go down: we will work our way thru the tracks until we feel they are “done” and then give it a few days of rest where I listen to everything both in my home studio and through a couple of other sound sources (such as iPod and different stereos) to make sure it sounds great everywhere. Then we will do the eventual last fixing of details and after that – “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” is complete! Just as planned, we are wrapping this up late 2012/early 2013. Never have I been involved with such a smooth ending process of a TPH recording. Keep your fingers crossed it continues like this.

You won’t have to wait for too fucken long now. And you will see – it’ll be worth every second of waiting.

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