Slowly, but steadily, moving towards the final phase…

It’s all adding up now. I am spending insane amount of hours going thru everything with surgical precision while waiting for the last of the vocals and the guitar solos to come in, as well as Dirk’s mixed drums which I should have in the coming week or so. Both J and Ruby are aiming to nail their next tune (after that one they only got 1 more left to do each, and then all of the 6 tunes are completed) this week, which is awesome. J was supposed to enter the studio tonight, but a minor eye injury sustained at work to studio owner Jonas delayed that a day or two. No worries, he’s fine though. As soon as the solos are coming in I will reveal who the heroes doing this are. And since I know the capabilities of these guys there’s no way you’ll be disappointed when you hear the work they’ll put in.

I work with this beast each and every day now, and to see it take the form it does is extra-ordinary. This is, without a doubt, the most complex and worked on album we have ever recorded. We haven’t raised the bar a little… We took said bar and annihilated it. In the beginning of 2013 (if not earlier, you never know…) you will experience it first-hand, but only if you have decided to support us thru THE TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT. You can do so now if you haven’t already. Support The Hate, support what we are doing and what we have done with this recording.

Also, keep on checking in at this site and over at our forums coz the album title will reveal itself now in a steady pace. Just follow what we do and you won’t miss it.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, October 1st, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.