News from The Dungeon!

Since we have written the first half (except for the lyrics for one of the songs) of the coming album already we are doing some pre-productions just to check things out (isn’t that what pre-productions are about?). Ruby is planning to put down some stuff for the second tune this weekend, which feels great. As mentioned, the things she’s been sending over so far sounds absolutely amazing, so we are definitely looking forward to see what our new goddess is coming up with for this song. To hear the material come alive with her vocals really puts a smile on my face. We finally have a girl singing with an incredible range in her voice and the power to go with it, so to create this album with her (and not to forget – Tobben, who’s already in rehearsal mode) in mind feels majestic.

Sitting here, working on the new material… It’s all coming together on each and every level and listening to the demos we have made so far makes me real proud of what we are creating – the finest album of our career. It will sound different compared to our older material, though it will still sound the same. Different as in the fact it will sound more “expensive” (an expression Dan Swanö likes to use and it really nails what I mean) and it will definitely be darker than anything we ever put out in the past. I have always been inspired when it comes to creating music for TPH, but this time the urge to compose is greater than ever.

I have never been so jacked up about any material we have written before, and fuck knows I have been ecstatic about everything we have done – and rightfully so. Still there’s tons and tons of work to be done but I’ll keep you updated as often as possible on the process leading up to the finished product. Hang with us over at our forums and keep an eye at this site for everything Hate-related.

Thanx for the support, Haters. It means the world to us. Here are The Horns for ya:

Ronnie James Dio invented that. Right.

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