Not all people are scum… But alot of them obviously are.

The Cadaverous Retaliation AgendaI don’t only encounter retards and thieves. But check this out:

From: Имя Фамилия

This superhero (Russian, how surprising) asked if he could pay for the album since he downloaded it from the Internet. He got the information. This is his reply:

“I said that in my country is not supported by the payment system Paypal, I can only pay via WebMoney and YandexMoney, Yes, I downloaded music from the Internet, I liked it, I would like to thank you, of course I’m not going to pay 15 euros, I think it’s just a lot of mp3 files without the CD media, but threw a couple of euros would be if you had a payment I have mentioned the system of”

Of course he won’t pay 15 Euros. OF COURSE NOT. Fuck were we thinking?

I told him a plain and simple “Don’t bother, Judas.”

On the other hand we got a guy like this:

“I just sent you 30 euros for The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda. And 30 euros because after reading your texts on your website I understood that you have put heart and soul to this album. If the least I can do is that I give you some money, then why the fuck not, I go to work, I have money, 15 euros is really little for one album, and knowing that this money goes straight to the ones who made the music. You’ve been planning and recording the album for 2 years and if I send you 30 euros, it’s like offering you 6 beers in a bar.. damn it, I should send you more.”

There truly are some amazing people out there, it’s just a shame the retarded thieves are outnumbering them.

To you guys who respect what we do and buy the album from us, I thank you wholeheartedly. You are the ones who are making sure we can continue to record music. And unfortunately you are also the ones making it possible for the lesser human beings to steal it without second thoughts. At least you know you have done the right thing. Their day will come.

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