Progress on the new album

Well, well, well… There we go. Michael‘s done with the last song and all 7 of these bastards are now completed. K is getting home again tomorrow and will now spend the coming weekend sorting the last details before mixing will start, together with Dan Swanö. The plan is that Dan picks up the latest additions to the songs on Monday and then we are off diving into this bitch head first for a while. We can’t really say when we plan to have the final mix and mastering done, but it should take at least a few weeks to get everything right. As always, we are in no hurry. Having worked on this album on and off for some 5 months… we sure wanna spend the last phase without any stress. Like we would know how to stress anyways.

Hopefully this album will be completed before the end of April, but we are not sure. That’s sort of a plan anyways. We have also talked to StormVox (yeah, that would be the label) about a possible releasedate, and we are aiming for August-something. More on that as soon as we know more ourselves.

Besides that, we once again thank you for the support and interest in what we are doing. This album is for you. Actually, it’s for us, but we gladly dedicate some bits of it to you Haters.

Posted by The Hate, April 11th, 2007 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.