Progress on the new album, January 2007 update

We just completed all the lyrics for the album and Jo‘s working hard on her stuff to complete those. K will now start recording all the lines for J and send them over to him for him to listen to so he can be prepared when we enter the studio for the vocals.

J wanted to do his vocals after Jo’s this time around since he’s always been doing his stuff first in the past and that’s how we are going to execute it for this album. Jo first, J last. Backingvocals/guests after that.

We are planning to enter Rat Productions in March (where Jo did her vocals the last time) and start taping everything. She will come over to K’s place a day before and we’ll go thru everything to see that it all works out vocal wise and so forth.

Feels absolutely killer to finally be able to say that the lyrics are done. We have taken our time and expect nothing but some Christ hating signature shit from TPH. Yeah, we are anti-christian like that. We are very happy about how everything’s turned out so far. To say the least. Jo’s got some insanely cool ideas for the stuff and we are dying to get those down for real.

Also, we have secured a new record deal and will announce everything as soon as possible. Needless to say, we are happy as arsonists inside a church.

Posted by The Hate, January 22nd, 2007 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.