Progress on the new album, middle April update

So, Dan was over last evening and got the last stuff needed for him to start finishing up this bastard. I also asked him to bring over a sample of what the sound will be like and… Damn.

This will sound heavy as elephant-shit.

He did a real quick temp mix for me and we sat down listening twice to one track that he got a few weeks back to start with. Dan’s fucken incredible to say the least. To hear everything with the planned sound feels absolutely awesome, and knowing this temp mix was done quite fast…

I absolutely love the bass sound for one. It’s clear as fuck, it’s distinct and crushing. Ampeg is Satan among bass amps. The guitars are ace as are the drums. Mojjo‘s done some absolutely fantastic work. At times I forget he’s actually playing on this shit since he’s nailed the stuff so damn close to how I initially programmed it. And those goddamned vocals… And those… Well, you understand by now that we kinda dig this, haha…

I’m almost losfer words.

Dan’s now got everything and will start working hard on this. As this rough mix was done in a hurry just for me to hear something, he will do a real mix today or tomorrow and then let me hear it so I can tell him yes or no, what needs to be higher, lower, etc…

His plan is to try to get a song done each day and then I’ll just work the details with Mr. D.

This just turned out even better than I imagined it would considering I have been sitting with the rough stuff for some months now and gotten used to that sound.

If Dan has the time he’ll write something up for you, but first on his agenda is to completely dive into this a 100%, so studio updates from D is very secondary.

Now you know, it has started and in a few weeks it should be finished.

Embrace Armageddon.

Posted by The Hate, April 17th, 2007 | Filed in News.