Record deal confirmed


Over the last few months while we have been recording the coming 5th album, we have had some damn giving discussions with some people about signing a new deal. We are now very happy to announce that Swedish (but a US resident) bound-to-be legendary actor/lunatic Peter Stormare has decided to work out a deal with us for his own record label StormVox. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the other labels we have talked to a little after the split from Threeman Recordings. We appreciate the interest.

So, Mr. Sturm is now our label boss and we really look forward to working together with him. Having one of the most insane actors in the movie business taking interest in what we do… Things could be worse. We have some more things lined up which we will announce asap if shit goes as we want them to, but more of that as soon as we have something more concrete to say.

We have told you some of the following before, but we’ll make a short rundown of everything to keep you guys on track:

We are planning to have the album completed sometime in late March/April and this means it should see the light of day a few months after that. We’ll get back to you with a definite releasedate as soon as we have one, of course.

Michael HÃ¥kansson will start doing his bass around Feb and we have made loose plans as for when to enter the studio to record vocals. It looks like we’ll utilize the services of Robban Eriksson in Örebro, Sweden for all the vocals this time around. The very guy who we recorded Ms Jo‘s vocals on “Armageddon march eternal”.

All the guitars are completed since a while back, we might add a solo or two while waiting for the vocals to be recorded, but that remains to be seen, if guitarist Mazza can get his ass away from the X-box 360 that is.

Dan Swanö is ready to sink his teeth into this piece as soon as we have all the shit down, and we are definitely looking forward to complete this album with Mr. D. It will be pure joy as always as D knows us so well by now.

In the meantime, hang in here, check the forums for all the latest updates on the recording and get ready for album 5 when the time comes.

Posted by The Hate, January 23rd, 2007 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.