Sales are shit, but here we go anyways!


On Monday, January 14th, I will send ”Death Ritual Covenant” to the digipak manufacturing company. That means it should take approximately 2 weeks to get them delivered to me, and after that I will start packing them and get them on their way to you guys who have purchased a copy (or even 2).

The sales have been shit, to be honest, and I don’t think I’ll bother with doing digipaks for eventual future TPH albums if nothing changes. It’s just not worth the hassle. It’s quite obvious that physical CD sales isn’t what it once was. Sad but true, but hey – it is what it is.

Around 100 digipaks have been pre-ordered up to this point. Thanx a fucken bunch to you 100 or so people who have bought one! But this means there’s no way I’m printing more than 200 of them now even though I hoped to be able to print 300. There’s just no point in having 150 digipaks unsold in my house, you know.

Conclusion: there are roughly some 50 copies or so left to be pre-ordered after everyone involved with the recording of the album have gotten their personal copies. I’ll let you know when I’m running out of digipaks, if that happens.

So, if you wanna be the owner of the extremely limited digipak version of “Death Ritual Covenant”, feel free to put in your order now:

Pay through PAYPAL: 210 SEK (including PayPal fee, postage and packing) to:

Please make sure your name and address is included in your payment (if you only knew how many fucken people miss out on this quite crucial detail, haha). And if you haven’t received a confirmation from me within 24 hours of purchase – email me immediately so we can fix it! I always confirm your order. If you wanna pay in some other way (like over Swish here in Sweden), just email me at and we’ll sort it out as well, ok?

Once again, please spread this post to your friends and foes. Any help with getting the word out is much appreciated. Also, huge thanx to the mighty Seiya Ogino at Ogino Design for the picture in this post and the invaluable help with everything. Not to forget the astonishing layout for the digipak that hero Marko Saarelainen has created. You guys are amazing.

Keep up the Hate in 2019 and we’ll talk again eventually.

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