So, is it doable or not getting “TCRA” into a goddamn Digipak?

666After checking out prices for the eventual printing of “TCRA” I have ended up with a few options since it will cost quite a bit of money to make this happen, meaning I am depending on pre-orders and pre-orders only. Going thru the replies from the donators that were mailed last week it seems like some 70-80 of you would support the manufacturing of this disc. That leaves me with the option of printing a 100 discs (considering there are some 15-20 people included on the album deserving of a free copy, which goes without saying).

Then we get to this:

1. 100 digipaks printed… This means there would be pretty much no extra digipaks for sale to anyone else but the ones who supported the creation of “TCRA” by donating to the cause and who replied to the e-mail saying they’d definitely buy one.

2. I take a chance and print 200 copies, hoping that some 100 other people want to buy the damn thing – something I don’t really see happening, which in the end would leave me with some 100 discs that I can’t really afford having around collecting nothing but dust.

3. I could set a deadline for pre-orders (a month? Two? Ideas?) and simply print what’s closest (and possible for the printing company) to the amount of pre-orders. It’s not like I feel I’ll go thru this process again later on so it’ll stay at this printed amount, meaning the digipak will be limited as fuck and that’s that.

Rundown: This is for a full-color digipak with a 12 page full-color booklet including lyrics, the usual credits and so forth, all printed on glossy high quality paper (you can see an example of the product in the picture attached here on the top left somewhere).

The digipak itself weighs close to 500 grams with the included booklet, meaning postage rates increase as soon as you go above 250 grams. Most of the interested parties come from abroad, meaning it’s a hella lot more expensive to send stuff there than within Sweden.


CD to outside Europe – app. 8 Euros/10 dollars.
CD within Europe – app. 7 Euros/8 dollars
CD wihin Sweden – app. 3 Euros/4 dollars

This leaves me wondering: what are the odds of getting rid of almost 200 CD’s? If you are one of those people who didn’t participate in The Experiment but definitely would wanna own this digipak – please let us know in here or thru This is just to get an idea if this is actually doable to begin with.

What would be a reasonable price for this product? Is 20 Euro’s and the equivalent in U.S. Dollars too much? This is including postage and packaging as explained above.

Naturally, in the long-run, it’s way cheaper to print a 1000 CD’s right away, but we can’t really do that for very obvious reasons.

I just don’t know if this is worth all the work that will go down with it, if it’s even possible to get rid of some 170/180 CD’s. It might not sound as too fucken many CD’s to begin with, but in these days most people simply do not care about physical discs, you know.

I don’t feel like going bankrupt in the process even though I know that “TCRA” is a masterpiece. But I have no need to listen to a 100 unsold CD’s just for the hell of it haha…

It will take a while before you’d get your copy since I naturally have to keep an eye on the pre-orders and how they tally up etc, but by know you know how I work and when I say I will do something – I do it.

I wanna hear you speak up and lemme know your opinions and if you would assist in getting this done by pre-ordering if it comes to that. Meaning your e-mails (now I mean from the ones who didn’t already reply to me a few days ago) or comments over at our Facebook or forums are of utter importance to me and the eventual creation of a digipak for “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”. For sure, all of you can reply in here – but please mention if you already participated in The Experiment or not so I don’t put you in the numbers twice, if you know what you mean.

Do not pre-order/pay anything now. If I see this as something that will work out – then we’re off doing it. Becoz a bunch of you have asked for it. I’ll leave this for a couple of days and see what happens. Spread the word and to put it mildly – it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of everything.

I thank you, guys and gals, for supporting The Hate. No matter if this happens or not – you all made “TCRA” come alive to begin with.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, October 22nd, 2013 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.