Some words from Dan Swanö.

“Howdy folkz.

So here I am are once more…. It’s incredible that K can just go on and on and create these 10 min+ masterpieces year in, year out. Must be the beard. And finally… real fucken drums in TPH!!! I know..the last few albums have had human drummers on them too..these guys did a great job…to replace Lord K’s demo-programming… But to have Tobbe The Spider on drums is like having…well…a drummer and something more!! There are some fills here where I truly believe that 2 additional arms grow out of this guy on command. It was also a pleasure for me to find out that the recordings were good and that I could use the real acoustic sound from the drums to go along with his natural drumming (As far as I am concerned, there is nothing done to his playing, like moving stuff around to be inhumanly perfect)

Again K is kicking ass with the Sixstringed Tanks and also the 5 stringed Bulldozer from hell!!! Together they create an unholy warmachine of Satanic hatred!!! Jörgen is the worlds best growler, like always, and also his vocals were very well recorded (Thanx to whoever did that)

The female vocals are great too. In fact my favorite section of the album is a great epic “duet” between Ruby and Jörgen starting at 4:34 in the 2nd song. One of the best TPH moments ever.

Mike Wead. Say no more! This guy is criminally underrated.  Yngwie. Who?? Mike Wead- is fucking who!!!!

I also like the section with (name withheld). He’s gotta really soulful voice, and layer stuff really professionally.

I am listening to the album in the background as I write this, just to check for any error that might have passed by the “hawk-ears” or mr. K (Frekvenspiss, anyone!!??) so far, so good…and yes…it sounds really good. It’s great to pull out all stops and not having to follow a reference record, and instead try to create a new reference record for others.

Now, It’s up to Season of Mist to prove that they are a better label than all the previous ones that messed up the fine arts of TPH after the release. This album deserves to be heard by everyone!! And if you like my work on it, and believe your band/project would rule even more with this kind of sonics. Don’t hesitate to contact me at

High quality for a low price!! The way it should be in life.

Let there be hate.

/ Dan Swanö/Unisound/Örebro/Sweden 2010-11-06

ps. When I put the master CD together, and checked the total playing time….66 minutes and 6 seconds. I swear, that I had nothing to do with it….This shit only happens with TPH stuff!! ds.”

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