Song writing and donations update!

Thanx to you insanely awesome Haters we have now reached 600 dollars in donations. That is absolutely not cat shit, to say the least, and there’s no way we can thank you enough for this. Still, a long way to go before we have reached the goal, but if it continues like this – there will be a new TPH album in 2012. Thank you, guys and gals. Thank you so fucken much. It’ll be mindblowing if this actually turns out to work. And if it doesn’t, you already know that the money will be returned to you, as promised.

And now over to some more awesome news. I have been working on this fifth track’s orchestrations since early this morning and things are coming together now. I’ll have to let this stuff sink in for a bit and see that it’s working as I think it is. I have decided that this one will be the closer for the album, and when you hear it you will understand perfectly fine why that is. It’s a little different approach to this one than what you are used to when it comes to TPH, but then again – a lot of the stuff on this album is. We have definitely enhanced our formula, but fear not – we are not straying away from what we have created in the past. Not at all, we have just upped the quality once again. So, not too much work on this fifth tune remaining, but it’ll still be some time before I can hand it over to the rest of the guys in the band. Don’t wanna deliver something half-finished, you know. Yes, I know – I have told you all this before but it’s important to repeat it in case you forgot it, you know.

So, keep them donations coming and help us out to be able to record this monster of a coming album. I can guarantee you you won’t be disappointed with it if you ever dug what we have done in the past. Stay tuned for more updates, as always.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 20th, 2011 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.