Studio update!

Oh man… Went up and 5:30 this morning, knowing J had sent the files for track 3. Eager as fuck to see what these guys (yep… there were some guest or 2 included in this session) cooked up last night, and to say it’s some insane shit going on in this tune is not even close to it.

We are going to hell for this.

As I have said before, J gets lyrics from me and works his ways with them as he think it should sound. He sure as fuck did some stuff I never thought of. There’s something about J’s way of thinking up how to phrase sentences that just makes me go… wow… Just absolutely excellent.

This morning could have started off worse, for sure. I work with phenoms. Life is fucken sweet, yo.

Now I have 2 tracks that are complete with vocals. Meaning both J and Ruby has done their whole work for 2 songs. They don’t necessarily enter the studios and do the same tune all the time, haha… Not that I mind. J is halfway there now (even a bit more) and Ruby is 4 tunes down, leaving her with 2 more to go. Still everything is going according to the plans I made when we began this – and I am a bit surprised by it actually coz usually something fucks up.

Here’s to hoping it will all go this smoothly. In the meantime lemme just say that J and Ruby are really doing some absolutely insane stuff. I get fucken goosebumps listening to this album at this early stage.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 14th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.