“TCRA” nominated for best…

… symphonic metal album?

“Dear Members of  The Project Hate MCMXCIX,         
Every year, our webzine MetalSymphonique.com, in partnership with Metal Sympho Association, organizes a special vote to reward the best symphonic metal bands of the year: the MS Awards.
For the 2013 edition, we are pleased to inform you that your band is nominated in the Best Album category, for your album “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”. Please find down there:

the link to the news on our webzine.

and the link to the vote page.
Please share the word with your fans, and stay symphonic!
Your faithfully.
Iras-Algor, member of the Metal Sympho Team”

Well, yeah. Though I believe we’re completely wrong in that category (and hey, we’re not alone to think this considering some of the other bands, I guess) , fuck it – it’s cool they give a shit and give “TCRA” attention. Go and vote, we sure wanna win a “symphonic metal album” category, haha… Us and Nightwish, people. Us and Nightwish. The madness is glorious.

Oh, and the site is from France?! What’s the world coming to? Where’s Tiphany?!?!

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