Thanx for the great feedback, Haters!

It’s been great to see the reactions to the first taste of “Bleeding the new apocalypse”, which is the song “Summoning majestic war”. Over at our forums there’s quite a bit of input about this and I thought I might put one of my replies made over there here at the official site. We have seen a few comments about “change in sound” and so forth. Well, here are a few of my thoughts on it, taken from this topic:

“I must say that I don’t see us having changed our style, at all. Nope. Improved it – fuck yeah, changed it – fuck no. We have always enhanced what we are doing, from album to album. We hardly sound like we did on “Cybersonic” today. But then again, we didn’t sound like we did on “Cybersonic” even on “HDCE”. Constant evolution or death, that’s what it’s all about to me. “Bleeding” is monumental bastard of an album. The single-handedly most vicious, diabolic and worked-on piece I have ever been a part of. It is fucken perfection.

This is also one of 6 tracks in total, 1 piece of the full 6-piece puzzle (which obviously is a bit hard to figure out even for some people above age 3, haha). You might get 5 tracks of insane hardcore techno for the remainder of the album, you have no idea. But it’s safe to say that’s not really what we do. I picked this tune for you for a reason, but I could really have picked any of them (as mentioned before).

About the few criticizers of Ruby… People fear change. That’s why the old albums are there for their convenience. Stick to those if these new TPH clothes are too expensive for ya. Matters shit to me, I love those albums as much as the next guy, but to evolve as a musician and to be able to complete my vision for TPH at this very moment – none of the past guys and girls who’re not with us now were the ones suitable to help us achieve it. But to say that Ruby is “terrible” or whatever is just retarded. She’s got more talent than you got on your fancy, gold plated Keyboard Ninja Business Cards. And she’s got the albums to prove it. Seriously, criticize all you want – but at least have the fucken courtesy of not being an idiot in the process.

And some of you people need to understand a few things, and this is the last time I’ll say it:

Jo is fired. She’s is not coming back. Mia is fired. She is not coming back. You don’t like the “new” TPH? Listen to the old albums.

There is no need to defend Ruby’s work, really, but a few things need to be explained it seems. I knew what I did when I asked her to join us. It will take some time for a few of you, but eventually you will actually understand what we are doing. Take my word for it. Obviously 95% of the Haters already do understand, the few struggling with it – well… tough. Your day apparently is not now.

This tune is but a small part of a bigger thing, and there is no way you can see the big picture until you have experienced it as it’s supposed to be experienced. What you have now is 12 minutes out of 66. You are in for a sick ride with “Bleeding”, trust me on that.

The testament of TPH perfection is released February 14th. If you survive the experience we all look forward to your opinions on the masterpiece in question.

And I know I’ll have to say “I told you so” quite a few times in 2011.

Just as I planned it all along.

Once again, I thank myself for being an amazing human being. There should be an award handed out to me like once a week. Along with awards for J, Ruby, Tobben, Statik and Swanö.



Last off, do not forget to pre-order the coming album and the new shirt. We truly appreciate the support.

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