Now this will be something to digest, people… Take a deep breath and dive head first into it when you’re ready.


For quite some time I actually wondered if it would be worth battling through another Donation Experiment to make a new album with TPH and everything that comes with it – coz lemme tell you, it’s an insane amount of time, blood and sweat that I dedicate to my musical craft. This is what I do. This is what I am. This is what drives me. I will always create music for as long as I am physically able to, in one form or the other, but TPH is my whole fucken being musically. My core and my soul. And for the last 2 albums I have been so incredibly fortunate to have YOU making me meet the monetary goals to get the music out to you properly; to be able to pay the musicians and people I wanna work with to make my musical vision of perfection come to life exactly as I want it to. THIS is the one reason I can present TPH to you as I do these days. So again – I thank you so much for making the last 2 recordings a reality. Can and will you make it happen a third time?

That shall be seen…

People have been suggesting all these “Fund Me” pages and whatnot, where you donate a certain sum and get something extra depending on how much you donate. I have nothing extra to offer apart from the music so I am not interested in that. I just wanna create, I just wanna have the best people I can possibly gather and complete what TPH is about on each and every recording. I just wanna do this without any other things getting in the way, and this is exactly why I am keeping it as simple as possible.

Since I never take anything for granted I definitely do not think this is a clear cut case, to reach the needed budget for a third time, hence why I am telling you this:

If I see that there’s just no way we’ll get to the goal, I will donate the cash that has come in to an animal center/shelter in my home town. I wanna thank the Hater who suggested this idea to donate to some charity organization if it comes to that. Excellent idea. So, bottom line:


By now you have noticed that I have had it completely with the record industry and that I do this for myself (and the ones who obviously give a fuck about TPH, or we wouldn’t be talking right now). That’s all that matters to me, and that’s how it’s been for a bunch of years now. I will, as mentioned, always compose for TPH as long as I have something to offer to myself. If you continue to bring it to life you will hear it presented as I want it to be presented. If not, it will be enjoyed in my home studio by my close friends and nothing more. That’s what it all comes down to.

So, now when my stance on this is perfectly stated, I guess you wanna know what’s happening with this planned eventual next record, yes?

I started writing for it earlier this year and have now completed a very large portion of it as far as my pre-productions go. 6 tunes will be written in total, and you already know that means some 60-80 minutes of music. Since the last album, “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” is perfect, it makes sense to continue to work with the best people I can think of:

Jörgen Sandström will be back with his second-to-none roars and lunacy.
Ellinor Asp will be back with her incredible voice(s) and extra-ordinary talent.
Dirk Verbeuren will be back dominating them drums like there’s no tomorrow.
Lasse Johansson will be back putting the icing on the cake with his world class solos.
And there might be a guest or 2 as well… You never know. Hint, hint…

It will of course be mixed and mastered by superhero Dan Swanö and myself in his acclaimed Unisound studio.

I have 2 options for the album title already, and I haven’t decided on which one to use just yet. This might change completely over time, or it’ll end up being one of them… We’ll see.

When do I plan to have this album finished? The answer is simple – in mid-to-late 2016, as vague as that sounds.

For example, Dirk is extremely busy touring with Soilwork considering they just released a new album, but this is how we always worked, he and I. Dirk records his drums whenever his schedule allows for him to do so, and in the meantime we complete this beast from other angles as soon as I can pay everyone involved for their services.

But I am not rushing one fucken thing.

We’ll have to make ANOTHER perfect album, coz I refuse to release anything that isn’t of the same standard as “TINEIWLU”, to put it mildly. So, it will be completed when it is perfect to me, not a second earlier. But 2016 is my goal right now. You can’t prevent shit from happening, so all doors are open.

And yes, as always you’ll get 3 versions of the album if it becomes a reality:

– a high-res mp3 version.
– FLAC version.
– a high-res instrumental MP3 version.

Of course it all comes with a complete digital booklet and the usual bla bla bla.

At this point there is no need to discuss an eventual physical digipak since we don’t even know if the studio budget will be reached. That is a much, much later question and it’s not in my interest whatsoever right now. All I wanna know is if we’ll reach the monetary target or not, if The Haters will make another album possible. That’s all that counts.

And I wanna stress this again so no one misses out on it:
If I see that there’s just no way we’ll get there (to the monetary target), I will donate the cash that has come in to an animal center/shelter of my choice.


So, feel free to get THE TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT 3 on the road and we’ll see what it leads to.


150 SEK (or the equivalent in your own currency. Use PayPal’s converter to make sure it is 150 SWEDISH CROWNS in the end) thru PayPal to this e-mail address:
If you want to donate more than that, wow… feel free to do so since it’ll naturally help the cause, but 150 SEK is the fixed price for this (hopefully) next part of TPH history.

After your donation, please e-mail me with the e-mail address you’d want me to send the links to when the finished (if it comes to that) album is ready to be yours.

I will update you every time we reach 500 dollars up until the final goal which is set to 9000$. After that I’ll spend every penny on blow, hookers, cars, helicopters and the eventual new software product to use for TPH.

Enough with the funny stuff. We have a blasphemous mission here to try to complete.

I might not be updating our official site or our Facebook page all too often, but trust me when I say that I am working all the time with the material. From time to time there might be a small video or teaser made public from the process, but don’t count on it. It’s secondary to me. The process of creating another masterpiece is all that matters. 3 more things before I let you go:

1. Please share this where you think it’ll help the agenda.

2. Thank you for supporting The Hate in the past.

3. The next era is in your hands, once again.

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