May Your King have your undivided attention for a while? That’s what I thought, so get ready for yet another beautiful rant!

As you can see, I have decided to fire up the 6th installment of The TPH Donation Experiment.


(in case you wanna get directly to the details about how to help me in the cause of making a 14th TPH album, scroll to the bottom where it says “DONATION INFORMATION” in RED, ok? But if you feel like spending a few minutes scrolling through some much needed blabbering, keep reading!)

As I said, this is the 6th Experiment! It’s definitely insane to think back on the previous Experiments and realize that you guys have made the last 5 TPH albums a possibility through your donations. It truly is mind boggling and I am forever grateful for it, and that is something I will repeat time and time again coz it really means the goddamn world to me, you know. Without your monetary contributions none of those albums could have been created. Pat yourselves on the backs, you deserve it.

It crosses my mind every now and then that with each album I do with TPH there are between 200 and 300 truly devoted people who make us reach the budget. Every time. Come to think of it, we have like 5000 or so followers on Facebook. That’s not a lot, nope. TPH is nowhere near a “big” band and still we have 13 of the best albums ever recorded in our discography. Boom! I like that.

But as I said; 5000 or so followers on Facebook. That makes it even MORE fantastic, the fact that “just” some 200-300 Haters have made each Experiment a success, making me able to pay everyone involved for their efforts. It’s actually downright spectacular! You men and women are championship material, obviously.
But back to the thing at hand.

I am ALWAYS doubting that these Experiments will actually work, but now more so than as we live in very weird times with this Covid-19 shit that causes people to fall sick, lose jobs and loved ones among other terrible things. And perhaps it’s incredibly foolish to think that it will be possible to raise funds for our 14th album in a reasonable amount of time with the current status of the world in mind. Trust me when I say that this has been occupying my thoughts quite a bit lately.

And now comes the time when I have to hand out my deepest gratitude possible to Jörgen Sandström, Ellinor Asp, Dirk Verbeuren and Seiya Ogino, coz not only are they absolutely amazing artists and people, they are also so genuinely awesome I’d take a bullet for them any day (actually, I wouldn’t go THAT far, but you get the point).

But “why the gratitude?”, I hear you ask.

Well, they have all agreed to help me out with album 14 without even knowing when I can pay them for their invaluable efforts. And I can never thank them enough for that coz it reeeeeeeaaaaally makes things easier for me and prevents postponing the next TPH beast longer than needed. IF we reach the budget, that is. And that’s a big “if”, considering the global situation, as mentioned. I am very aware of that. But hey, sometimes you got to take some chances, I guess. These people obviously believe in me for some weird reason, to the extent they will put in some serious amount of hours to deliver their magic without getting paid first. It blows my mind. You guys are phenoms. Thank you!

So, I’m sure you want to know how the 14th album is coming along then, no?

Well, we released “Purgatory” in April last year. I took a well deserved break after that (as I always do after completing an album; creating TPH is nothing short of MASSIVE work and even a King needs a breather at times) which lasted not very long. I had all the songs for album 14 ready when winter came about. When I say “ready” I mean “ready” as in”all song structures, drum programming for Dirk, lyrics and mock vocals for Jörgen, Elli’s parts picked out, guitar and bass foundation recorded, song titles, album title – ALL DONE!”.

But that’s not even remotely close to me being “done” with my work as I have all the orchestral stuff left to compose and the electronic elements need to be attended to. And THIS takes time, to put it mildly. While I’m working with these parts of our sound, everyone else included have been recording their stuff when their schedules have allowed for them to do so which means progress has been made in all areas and the plan is to have all of their contributions delivered in full to me come the start of summer 2021!

This means I am HOPING to be able to release this new monster later this year, but it all depends on when/if we meet the monetary goal. This is where this 6th Experiment will differ a little bit compared to the past ones; I will simply have to let this run until we reach the budget and pay everyone as we go along. Will it take 6 months? A year? 2 years? I have no idea, obviously. I actually didn’t plan to fire up this 6th Experiment until the album was actually recorded in full, ready to be mixed, but it doesn’t feel right having everyone do their work for free for who knows how long. And had I waited until it was done, judging from past Experiments, it could take anything from 6-10 months before I can pay them! So, this is where we’re at. I better fire it up now and hope for the best.

I will, as always, keep you informed on the donation process with each $1000 level reached so you all can see how it’s going.

With all that said, please spread the word about the 6th Experiment being up and running now, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that this works out again rather sooner than later. Last off: you can follow the progress on how donations are coming along both at our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for your time, we’ll talk again as soon as something of significance happens.

Here are all the details you need if you want to be a part of bringing a 14th TPH album to life.
– Donating 150 SEK will give you the following digital versions when the album is completed: CD MIX (MP3), CD MIX (FLAC), HDR MASTER 44,1 24 BIT (FLAC), HDR MASTER (INSTRUMENTAL FLAC). Links to the downloads will be e-mailed to you upon release.
– You can of course donate more if you feel like it.
– Donations are preferably made through PayPal to Please make a note saying”ALL HAIL THE KING!” with the payment. Or you could just say something else. Also, I will ALWAYS confirm your donation within 24 hours of receiving it, so if you don’t hear from me within that time frame, well, then something fucked up. Simply e-mail me then, ok? If my fellow Swedes prefer another paying method, you know where to reach me.
– The album will, as always, be mixed and mastered by myself and superhero Dan Swanö of Unisound fame. Anything else would be ludicrous.

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