Things are happening…

I have told you a few times before, though very briefly and vague, that I have been working on some special things for this coming testament of ours… I’ll continue to be vague, just becoz I can… I’m proud to say that I am at the last of these things now, which is pure joy. It’s turning out exactly as I wanted it to and when you hear the album you will understand it a bit better, coz I am certainly not giving out any secrets, haha… Lemme just say that it really brings the whole concept to full circle, which is what I wanted. Things are going absolutely great and according to the plans.

As mentioned earlier, Ruby already put down one song and J should enter the studio any day now to start his work. Dirk is planning to start recording his 5th tune next week, if his busy schedule allows it. And I know you guys have asked for videos of Dirk and whatnot… He’s kindly letting you know that he will try to record something whenever he can. For now you can watch this clip of Ruby, preparing to record her first tune. We’ll see if we can get more of these videos up in a not too distant future. In the meantime you can click this link and gather information as for how to donate to get this monster of an album as soon as it’s done.

I thank you for your support.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, August 2nd, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.