Update number 2 for the coming album!

As we have told you we will post video updates from the process of recording the new piece of blasphemy leading up to the release on July 6th, 2009 thru Vic Records. We have no specific dates or anything for when we will launch these updates so just keep on checking in and you won’t miss out on anything. We will also have some thoughts on the album from people involved with it; guest musicians, band members and whatnot. First off, let’s see what Mr. Dan Swanö (who mixed and mastered this masterpiece) has to say about it:


” – Howdy folkz!

So, it´s time once again for me to proclaim that I have mixed the best TPH record so far!! K has an uncanny ability to always top his own work, no matter how hard it may seem! Musically it sounds like classic TPH but the songs are better in every way. I know K worked his ass off, trying to top the previous record, and it must have been a nightmare, but to my ears the songs flow better and it was never boring to mix the record, because the music entertain you and challenge all your senses (yes, you can even taste blood in your mouth while listening to it!!!) Sonically I have tried to give each instrument their own little space within the mix and separate the bass from the guitars. The bass sounds like a blowtorch in your face and the rhythm-guitars rape your eardrums… but with finesse 😉

Enjoy the sonic journey to hell and back!! “

/ Dan Swanö

After those words let us see what TPH guitarist Anders has to say:

” – Following the release of “In Hora Mortis Nostrae” in September 2007, K and I just happened to jam a bit, drunk, one night at his place. I don’t know if either one of us thought that it would be anything more to it, but right off the bat it became very clear that we had a blast. None of us really had jobs or any serious occupation whatsoever at the time, so we took every opportunity to party together and write music. Before we knew it, four months had passed, which meant the arrival of January 2008, and the completion of the writing process for the new TPH album. I think no one was more surprised than me that I had been a part of the writing process of a new album, for a band that I had a deep liking of, not even being a member of the band. In May 2008 K asked me to become an official part of The Project Hate MCMXCIX, as guitarist/(de)composer/great guy Petter “Mazza” Freed had lost the motivation/fire to continue with the band. I instantly accepted, since I really love the music, and there was no way in hell I would turn down an offer like this, considering I’d had a genuinely amazing time working together with one of my best friends. It’s now March 2009, and the album is finally complete. The process has been long and has contained an insane amount of work. I would like to give a big shout-out/horns up/thank you to all the fantastic people that make up the force that is TPH, that I’m deeply honored to be a part of. K, Jörgen, Jonna, Michael and Thomas – five talented bastards. All the intense work has left us with a 60+ minute monster for the listener to devour. The most diverse, brutal, and beautiful music that I probably ever will participate in making.”

/ Anders Bertilsson

We have tons of more shit coming your way but for now we will leave you with the second video. We hope you enjoy it.

Having problems seeing the video above? Here’s the link you wanna use.

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